And Dan Savage wants to be taken seriously…

The raunchy sex columnist Dan Savage had a doozy of an opinion piece in the NYTs over the weekend making what, I suppose, he considered a reasonable proposal on the gay question: Give us everything we want RIGHT NOW and we will finally shut up.

And the NYTs apparently thought enough to publish it.

If the gay activists want to fancy themselves heirs of the true civil rights movement in America, a good starting place might be to stop acting like children throwing tantrums. Can you imagine Dr. King making such a proposal?: Give us what we want now and we will at long last finally be quiet!

And Dan, if being gay is really like being black and the justice question is so self-evident, does not our first black President’s lethargy and even opposition to some of your major demands make him – to carry the analogy – more like Strom Thurmond than Jack or Bobby Kennedy? But of course,¬† few believe this, even in your ranks. Comparing sexual preference to race only works in the simple world of bumper-sticker rhetoric.

As an insightful friend of mine noted of most gay activists, “This is a lobby which is never so happy as when they are miserable drawing attention to themselves.” Will they really know how to be anything other than “victims”? I have met a great many of this movement’s leaders over the past ten years and this is absolutely true of far too many. In fact, it would be difficult to overstate that truth. It is hard to take most of them seriously, primarily due to their lack of maturity, reason and basic civility.

And a quick aside concerning Mr. Savage. In the first line of his NYT piece, he informs us “I am not an idiot.”

Nixon and every communications professor in world will tell you such a statement does nothing to put the question to rest, but rather might actually do more to confirm the fact.

Dan, you seem smarter than that.

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