Do Christians Divorce Like the World?

I have long been concerned by Christian leaders who often lament that “the divorce rate is just as high in the Church as it is in the world”.  You have no doubt heard the same stat quoted.

But it is simply not true! Not even close.

Today, in my day job as director of family formation studies at Focus on the Family, we released a report explaining what leading sociologists of family and religion find on the topic. The brief two-page report can be found here. It explains that couples who take their faith seriously and actually demonstrate various religious practices – as evidence of their discipleship – have substantially lower divorce rates than those who are nominal in their faith, or have no faith at all.

Faith really does make a difference in marriage! Pass it on.

(I also did a new report on what the research says about the ideal age for couples to marry in terms of how it impacts marital happiness and stability.

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1 Response to Do Christians Divorce Like the World?

  1. God knows the truth, keep being a beacon of light. God Bless

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