How do some homosexual activists hurt our children? You tell me…

WARNING: This is real, raw stuff.

You don’t want to hear it, but you should! It shows you what some of the people behind the effort to redefine marriage and mainstream homosexuality are really like. I know of no defenders of natural marriage who paint a more damaging picture of homosexuals than these folks paint of themselves. Who could make this stuff up? But reality is stranger (and more offensive) than fiction.

Below is the bleeped video via YouTube.  Even still, watch it with headphones only and don’t let your children see the screen. The actual videos from the org’s site are worse than what you see here. Watch and ask yourself: Are these people who really seem to care for children? Do they seem to even have a clue?

Don’t let these folks ever make you believe that nice, caring people shouldn’t oppose the mainstreaming of homosexuality. Ever!

(I am sorry this is posted on my site, that I am putting this in front of you, but if you don’t see it, you would never believe it! And you should know about it.)

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