Preaching in Shanghai…

Here is the church in Shanghai where I spoke yesterday. A beautiful old church built in the early 1900s by missionaries. Now the Chinese government has assigned it as the home church for Shanghai Community Fellowship, a good evangelical international church here in the city that is hosting the conference I am speaking at later in the week. Preached two full services yesterday – people sitting in the aisles – on “God’s Story on Marriage: The Bridegroom’s Relentless Heart Toward Us, His Bride”.

I got to preach from this very old, traditional pulpit, elevated above the congregation; the kind you go into, rather than just stand behind. Felt like Spurgeon! Preached nothing like Spurgeon.

Here are the children of the church demonstrating their catechism which they learned very well. Cute, super smart little buggers. I was up right after them. They tell you to never follow small pets or children! But these kids warmed up the congregation quite nicely. I had a blast and the congregation was very, very nice.

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