Bubba Sighting in Shanghai…

Worked most of the day yesterday in my room on my talks for the Thrive Conference coming up this weekend at Shanghai Community Fellowship. They put together a cool little promo video for the conference here.

Earlier this week, went to this restaurant, right behind my hotel. Real guy named Bubba from Austin, TX owns it. I had a blast jiving with Bubba. He’s the real deal, like Larry the Cable Guy.

Surprisingly great BBQ. Had a pulled pork sandwich, slaw on top, of course. Sweet tea and real BBQ beans, not the kind you have at a picnic. Real cowboy beans. Had two bowls, no residual effects.

Then out on a walk after the BBQ feast, saw this sign. Folks, things like this is why Focus on the Family has so much work to do across the world!! I got involved quickly, had a nice little intervention with the family and they will be changing the sign this week to “Super Happy God-Honoring Family” this weekend. No seriously, you see lots of funny signs here with curious translations. This “Naughty Family” sign was pointing you to what looked like a dog-park. Another sign I saw yesterday was over a low over-hang on the escalator encouraging you to “Mind Your Head!” Always a good idea!

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