Does Cohabitaiton Have Any Upsides for Anyone?

I am both happy and excited to announce the publication of my fifth book, released Sept. 1, by Moody Publishers.

The Ring Makes All the Difference explains why unmarried cohabitation fails to improves relational happiness and longevity in any measurable way, drawing from and carefully explaining more than 30 years of social science research on the topic.

Book’s Purpose:

The Ring Makes All the Difference is written to help couples, counselors and pastors understand what the social sciences have consistently discovered about how unmarried cohabitation impacts the prospects of healthy and enduring relationships as well as the well-being of adults and children in these relationships.

It answers one primary question:

How likely is it that living together before marriage will help you reach your goal of a happy, thriving and fulfilling relationship leading to marriage?


  1. Cohabitation Nation – The Prevalence of Cohabitation Today
  2. What Are We Looking for In Relationships?
  3. How Cohabiting Relationships Differ from Marriage
  4. Is Test-Driving Your Marriage Smart?
  5. Why Mom and Dad’s Marriage License Matters to Children
  6. Marriage, Health and Happiness
  7. Cohabitation: The Relationship on the Guy’s Terms?
  8. Learning From the Book of Scripture and the Book of Science
  9. Marriage is More Than…

Early Praise for The Ring Makes All the Difference:

“Glenn explains why marriage is different from other relationships like cohabitation, and how marriage benefits adults and children by signifying clarity about the nature of the commitment between two partners. It is both an important and useful book.”

-Scott M. Stanley, research professor, University of Denver

The Ring Makes All the Difference tells us two hard truths with clarity: Cohabitation puts adults at risk for marital failure, and puts children at risk of being exposed to a relational merry-go-round that all too often ends in neglect or abuse.”

-W. Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project, University of Virginia

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