If this Hamburger is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right

A new burger place opened up in the Springs and I went for lunch last Friday. After carefully surveying the menu, the Cubano was what my eyes and stomach told my brain they wanted. I relayed that information to the waitress and she soon delivered this item.

Now between these two grilled buns are:

1) the hamburger patty (of course)
2) a grilled hot dog
3) a fried egg
4) slice of ham
5) chorizo sausage
6) breaded pork patty
7) avocado, chipotle and tomato

And the fire roasted jalapeno on top, which I ate as well. And, as you can see, it came with sweet potato fries.

I am still, to this day, recovering.

About glenn stanton

researcher, speaker, skater, commentator, writer, friend
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