This Just In From the “It Sounded Like You Just Said…” Files…

So Van Halen announces a major 2012 US tour, stretching from mid-February to late-June, launching at – get this – the “KFC Yum! Center” in Louisville, KY. Actual name of the venue!

Come for the classic rock and roll and crazy DLR antics; stay for the chicken and biscuits.

The tour ends in early summer in New Orleans. I’m guessing the bad boys will play Popeye’s Spicey! Chicken Bowl for their last night.

But here’s the really weird thing. REALLY weird. Guess who VH’s opener for the tour is. Here are three guesses:

1) REO Speedwagon

2) David Bowie

3) Kool & the Gang

Answer here.

Classic rock and roll just got weird.  …And not in a good way.

I hope at least one concert promoter is now looking for work.

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