Does President Obama Know What He Believes on SSM?

The National Constitution Center invited me to submit a contribution to their forum on the future of the same-sex question in light of President Obama’s endorsement. I take the angle that the President’s recent statement must be taken with some uncertainty, because the record shows he endorsed ssm as a State Senator before he opposed it as a Federal Senator and then a Presidential candidate, before he found himself “evolving” on the issue. He seems to have held every conceivable position on the issue in his short career as a politician. And what do we make of the fact that he was struggling with the issue one day, then saw it as a fundamental human right the next day?

You can find the piece here.

You might find the readers’ comments at the end of the piece interesting. These kinds of comments are unfortunately all too common in this issue. If you are inclined to offer a different view, the discussion could use it.

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