Parents: The More the Merrier?

A California State Senator is pushing a bill in the Golden State allowing the courts to assign more than two parents to a child, explaining it is for the protection of the child.

But only if it were about such high-minded ideals. It is all about adults who want to use the legal system to create experimental family forms for their radical new relationships.

Sponsored by the National Center for Lesbian Rights, it is largely – despite Leno’s sales rhetoric – aimed at such ideas as allowing a adults through the courts to assign legal parentage to two lesbian moms or gay dads, their pregnancy surrogate…and possibly her partner. It would include – which is quite common – two lesbians, their male sperm donor and his partner, if so desire by all the adults, making one big happy, legal family. But families that require an org-chart to determine who’s who is generally not a good idea.

But it is not about the child, as no child has ever seriously asked, “Why can’t I have more than my mom and dad as my parents?”

You can read a new commentary on the wisdom of such an idea HERE.

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