Drafting One’s Child Into the Gay Family Debate

I have a new post over at National Review Online on a one-part shameful/one-part manipulative video by two gay dads explaining how their family is just like any other family. They put their beautiful daughter Selena front and center in this high-octane, divisive social debate to deliver a political/social lecture, dressed up as a cute child’s song. Of course, these men have every right to make the best case they can for their experimental family. But enlisting your young daughter into the center of this tumultuous debate is not good parenting.

My piece concludes with this observation,

“When a family has to explain that they are just like any other family, it is a strong sign they are not. And those who feel compelled to explain probably don’t even believe it.”

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7 Responses to Drafting One’s Child Into the Gay Family Debate

  1. Jay Bee says:

    Glenn, can’t you take your hate and move somewhere that it will be accepted, say Syria or Iran perhaps.

  2. Disgusted American for Equality says:

    excuse me – but thier daughter IS in thier Daughter…….and ALL Anti-gay BS affects her too…and their son..you’ve Obviously Never watched many of thier family videos..they’re-just-as Boring as any other family in America…….ITS YOU and your ILK…..thats all I got to say…YOU and YOUR ILK…….Look in the Mirror!

  3. Eric Howard says:

    you are an embarrassment to the human race

  4. Tony B. says:

    You are truly a despicable person.

  5. James Stone says:

    The Leffews are good friends of mine. Selena and Daniel are two of the most well behaved kids I have ever met. They are thriving after their Dads rescued them from foster care. Trust me..if there were more parents in this world like Jay and Bryan the world would be a much better place. Daniel and Selena are both excelling in school. There is so much love in that household..and fun!! They are always doing something happy and crazy..
    Seriously..how dare you judge them! You don’t even know them.. I suggest if you ever get to Santa Rosa..you should pay them a visit. They will invite you in with open arms..that’s the kind of people they are.
    So..who are the real “Christians” here? Jay and Bryan who rescued two children or you who mock them without knowing them calling them an “experimental family?”
    BTW..Selena was so excited to make that vid..She loves her Dads and brother soo much…..(plus..it is her “singing” debut!)

  6. James is the only civil response here. I appreciate that James.
    But the others are quite curious. I’m the “hater” but not the one calling folks ugly names.
    And since when did disagreeing = hating.

  7. James Stone says:

    Thanks Glenn. They mad a documentary about them called “The Right to Love an American Family.” It is out on DVD now. We went to the premier in San Francisco and New York. They made it..not taking a penny to change minds and hearts. You should check it out. I promise you will laugh and cry.. Happy New Year!.

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