The Utter Tone Deafness of the Pro-Abortion Crowd

Ok, this week marks the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Regardless of position, nearly everyone has strong feelings about what this landmark decisions meant/means for our nation. Many view this anniversary with great sadness. Many view it with some measure of thankfulness, at least for what it provides. A few view it, amazingly, with giddiness.

I just learned of this new celebratory ad – created and circulated by the Center for Reproductive Rights – for this anniversary. I would hope that most people of reason and goodwill on both sides of the issue would find this commercial revolting and sexist at worst, tacky and boorish at best.

(NOTE: They took the piece down because they got so much blow-back… from the abortion crowd.)

Goodness. Where does one even start?

  • Notice how many times he uses the word “baby”? Intentional? One hopes not.
  • As an African-American man, does he realize that abortion has taken far more black babies from our nation than white babies, as most abortion clinics are intentionally situated in communities to cater to minorities. One African-American gentleman astutely addressed this racial inequity  recently with these haunting words: “Everything that was gained in the Civil Rights Movement means nothing to a dead black child.
  • Does this creepy man realize that it’s often smooth-talking men who leave too many women in situations where they believe that abortion is their only option, regardless of what they might want for their baby. Men like this need abortion to continue using their women as sexual objects.

Considering the Center for Reproductive Rights’ immature, vulgar and demeaning ad alongside the plain lewd and debasing “Your First Time” virginity/voting ad thrust upon us by our President’s re-election campaign.

What does this say about these folks’ opinion of their own supporters? Do they even get it?

Kyrie elesison, Lord have mercy.

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