Yes, Let the Child Decide…

Royal-BabyEveryone is just goo-goo and ga-ga over the new Royal Baby. And why not?

Babies are awesome, especially royal ones.

But there are some who are outraged (outraged!! I tell you) that Prince William and Duchess Catherine would have the audacity (or perhaps sadly just plain ignorance) to assume their sweet baby is a boy simply because he came into the world with one of those things.

These folks – who really exist, most being found in your local gender studies departments – believe that children should chose one’s own gender at some later date, depending on how he/she/etc feels about it.

Now I’m not much of a progressive, but obviously these folks don’t go far enough. Why don’t Will and Kate let their child decide other important, very personal things as well, like whether he/she/etc wants to be human, or some other species. Seems to box the child into a pretty narrow course of life, right? And human or not, why do we assume this baby will turn out to be British which is clearly just a power-based cultural construct. Just ask the Irish or the Welsh.

And while we’re at it, why assume the new arrival is even a baby? Couldn’t he/she/etc simply be an adult in a different kind of body?

Of course he/she/etc could! And we should all just learn to be fine with that.

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