Jumping Out of a Perfectly Good Plane at 13k Feet

Here’s the video my high-school / skate buddy Jim Woods made of his kindness in taking me on my first skydive with he and his Navy Seal colleagues on a beautiful day over San Diego. It was as thrilling as it was scary and as scary as it was thrilling! The approach to the wide-open side of a plane, wind blowing in, drawing closer to the door, tilting your body outside of the plane as you get in place, the actual leap and the first 3 seconds your feet leave stability is the most unnatural feeling in the world. It goes against everything you know to be right!

Jim had to give me the final nudge. I yelled “NO!” but he thought I said “GO!” so we did! (That was his joke!) As you can see, our initial direction is pretty much head-first down.

But I would recommend it to any and everyone.

About glenn stanton

researcher, speaker, skater, commentator, writer, friend
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