Irreplaceable, the Movie

irreplaceable-the-movieIt’s all the rage.

Focus on the Family is releasing a full-length documentary in theaters across the country and throughout Canada for one evening only: May 6th. I have the honor of having worked closely with the production of the film and serving as its co-author with my buddy Leon Wirth.

It is an important film, a documentary, which looks at the nature and health of the family in the world today.

What is family and why does it exist? Why does it deserve our attention? Does its changes of late make a difference for good or bad?

There are a number of media interviews and reviews on the film where you can learn more about it. Here are few of the best…

1) A commentary from Breakpoint’s Eric Metaxas, who appears in the film.

2) FOF Prez Jim Daly appeared on Huckabee and discussed the controversy the documentary is drawing because it holds – get this – that children need mothers and fathers.

3) An interview with myself in the Colorado Catholic Herald, giving a bit of depth on what the film addresses and why.

4) An interview with the films producer, Jim Mhoon, in Denver’s alternative weekly, Westword.

5) An 2 minute interview on CitizenLink radio on how the film addresses the importance of children being raised by their own or adopted mother and father.

6)  A round table discussion on a podcast with the team at Boundless on the documentary.

We hope you make plans, call the sitter, and go watch this valuable film on May 6th at a theater near you.

As one reviewer put it: “It would be irresponsible to miss Irreplaceable.” word.

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