Pot Improves Your Marriage

Ok, here’s a fun one.

A new study from the University of Buffalo School of Public Health tells us that the more a couple smokes pot together the less likely  they are to be violent with each other.


So, let’s get this straight. The more a couple gets baked together, the more mellow and chill they get with one another? Check.

I’ve been imagining how this might work itself out in your average day-to-day stoner marriage. Perhaps like any of these scenarios.

Him: Why haven’t you been fixin’ dinner for your old man anymore?

Her: What? I fixed you Cheetos for every night this week!

Him: Uh…  yea…Cheetos are awesome.


Her:  Why aren’t you going to work anymore? Did you go and loose your job again?

Him: No. It’s just they were making me work at work, so I said, “Sheez, who needs that?”

Her: uh….yea… that’s awesome.

or perhaps this…

Her: The baby seems to have filled her diaper again. Can you take care of it?

Him: Sure. Let me just torch a fat one and you won’t smell it no more.

Her: uh… yea… awesome.

and finally…

Him: Babe, I don’t want your old boyfriend coming around no more. I don’t like the way you sit in his lap all the time.

Her: But he’s the dude that brings those sick buds you like.

Him: Uh…yea…. he’s awesome.

So, the couple that burns a few together, don’t beat the snot out of each other.

There you have it.

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