A Very Kind First Review…

I have a new book, out Oct 1, and I was delighted today to find it has already garnered a review.

When you write a book – working so hard and long on it – it is a little un- nebabyrving when it finally enters the world. It’s your baby that you’ve been gestating for months, struggling with bouts of anxiety, exhaustion, hopelessness, confusion and doubts. It can induce fits of vomiting and heart-burn. Then finally, one day it emerges and you wonder if people will love it like you do. Will they think it’s special or a terribly ugly baby? Will they laugh at it or find it lovely? There’s only one way to find out. You have to put it out there and nervously wait for the reaction of others.

This first review of the book today made me happy and encouraged. He “got” what I was trying to communicate and explained its substance and message. He liked my baby.

Let’s hope for more like this!

About glenn stanton

researcher, speaker, skater, commentator, writer, friend
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