I Can Now Die a Happy Man…

BobDylan2014Anyone who knows me in the slightest way – and reads here time to time – knows I’m a long time Dylan fan. I even (kind of) crashed his house one time. So…

My sixteen-year-old daughter Tess asked me this week, “Dad, you know Dylan is in Denver on Saturday night. I sooo want to see him. Will you take me?”

If I were a small puppy my little puppy tail would have wagged itself right off my back end. I told her the answer to that question is the same one to “Hey dad, my arm is on fire. Will you put it out for me?”

So tonight, Tess will be my third child to go see Zimmy with me. Totally stoked. Livvy and Schaeffer asked me to take them to see Dylan last summer, which included Wilco and My Morning Jacket (which I kept calling to their annoyance “My Afternoon Cardigan”) opening for him.

Actually Schaef is going with us tonight, so he will be a two-timer seeing Dylan. So I am a giddly happy and a proud dad. A celebrated Dylan fan in bringing him three new, young fans.

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