Future Islands – There is Indeed Something New Under the Sun

I’m on proper jag from a new band that had a meteoric 2014. From Greenville, NC, they are like nothing out there or anything that ever was. There is no present answer to the question: “Well, who are they like?”

Here’s what you get with Future Islands

1) Four guys who have no interest in making sure their stage dress says they’re hip.

2) No lead guitar.

3) A lead singer who…

A) Strikes you from first appearance as if he just got off his management shift at the local Ace Hardware.

B) Dances like no one else; closest competitor might be David Byrne or Beck. But not.

C) Performs with a disconcerting energy and intensity making you feel as if you’ve just walked in on him in a very emotional private moment he’s having.

D) Goes full-tilt on every song.

4) An absolute absence of “into-itness” from the other three members of the band. They just play well.

5) Minimalist stage equipment, could all fit in the back of a mini-van.

Here you go, one song performed for the BBC.

A full concert on Austin City Limits that is flawless and balls o’ energy from beginning to end, even the slower songs. Very worth watching in full.

Enjoy… and start your New Year on a nice buzz of rare energy.

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