God’s Pink Slip…

Cima da Conegliano's God the Father d. 1510

Cima da Conegliano’s God the Father d. 1510

Here is a remarkable piece of writing I came upon this week while reading a 2004 issue of the journal First Things, which I highly recommend, btw.

It’s about God being let go from his job.

Termination for Cause


I had thought the terms of our agreement

Were quite clear.

You were to provide me length of days,

Model children by a docile wife, support for same;

Keep far away all disaster man-made

Or act of your own.

And a death if not quite painless

At least sudden, without humiliation.

I in turn would confess You Creator

Of all things seen and unseen, offering customary

Praise and adoration.

Regarding line four above

Your performance has been marginal at best,

And I have now confirmation

From two physicians

Of what I must deem willful disregard

As to length of days and dying.

I therefore recognize no further obligation whatsoever

To provide the aforesaid praise, etc.

Or, indeed, to acknowledge Your existence.

Any further communication should be directed

To my counsel,

Who assures me that he knows You

from of old.

– James F. O’Callaghan

First Things, November 2004.

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