50 Shades of What the…

50-shades-of-greySo, people are voting for 50 Shades with their feet (and dollars).

If you’ve payed any attention in class, you pretty much know what it’s about:

Young woman submits to generally anything this guy wants do to her sexually.

As a friend remarked, “The movie didn’t seem to have any plot line other than that.”  Uh, porn flicks don’t have plot lines. But the run-away success of the film, at least dollar- and publicity-publicity-wise, raises many questions for me:

* Exactly who’s going to see the movie, mostly men or women? Women I suspect.

* Why?

* Is it because they are truly interested in the topic? To pick tips for the bedroom?

* Or are they simply rubber-necking, not wanting to look at the bad car accident, but you simply can’t help yourself?

* How many women see this woman and think ‘I so wish my guy treated me like that?”

* Do guys really wish their gal would submit to such treatment? Really?

*What does the success of this film say about the state and vitality of feminism today?

*Did the character misunderstand the admonition to “Lean In”? Is the character an “empowered woman”? Are the women who see the movie?

* Did any dads of daughters see the movie?

Here’s how weird this cultural moment is:

We have the potty-mouthed Chelsea Handler (Does she eat with that thing?) inflicting blunt-force trauma on the movie, the book, the author and everything they represent.

And Russell Brand provides an impassioned pulpit-pounding, hell-fire sermon against the movie and porn in general. (Given that it’s RB, there’s a tad bit of language.)

Let me know your thoughts on these questions. I’m curious.

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2 Responses to 50 Shades of What the…

  1. Good questions, Glenn. I felt that Brand was remarkably refreshing in his honesty about his own ongoing pornography use against his better sense and his own wishes. He loathes it, but can;t quite stop using it. This kind of brutal honesty is needed in the church. I think the film demographics indicated female moviegoers accounted for more than 70% of attendees. Wha…?

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