Once Same-Sex Attracted Always Same-Sex Attracted?

PattiAnyone paying any attention to the public debate today knows how wrong it is to suggest that one who is same-sex attracted can overcome that attraction. In fact, the Obama White House has actively joined the effort to make it illegal for anyone to assist another – adult or adolescent – who seeks to overcome unwanted ssa. So much for one’s self-determination.

While it is often a difficult road, there are many, many people who have indeed overcome their same-sex attraction. One of these folks has become a good friend of mine. Her name is Patti Height and her’s is a remarkable story. While Patti did not go through a clinical process, nor was she looking to leave homosexuality, it was becoming a Christian that created a remarkable – but not always easy – change in her life. Here is  a nice short video her church just created last week, telling her story

And here is Patti sharing the full story of her struggle with her gender identity, her childhood, past relationships and how Christ broke through into her life and brought her unbounded peace and hope. He did the same for her cherished girlfriend who Patti loved very much and is still friends with today.

Both of them found a greater, truer love and have followed with joy since that day. And you will not meet Patti without also meeting Jesus, for she cannot contain or keep quiet about becoming a beloved daughter of God. She is infectious.

Change is possible. And there are real people for whom this is true. And no amount of ideological denial can make them go away.

Patti is just one of them.

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