Stalking John Travolta

A few years ago i wrote about going by Bob Dylan’s house while in Malibu. I like to find the interesting houses of interesting people.  I am driving through Ocala, FL today so naturally I have to swing over to the little town of Anthony to see John Travolta’s home. It’s worth seeing, no so much cuz it’s Mr. Travolta’s, but because of the house itself. Like no other in the world.

Travolta HouseHe and his family live in a community centered around, not golf, but airplanes. Instead of each house backing up to a golf course, they each back to a huge runway. Large enough for Travolta to get his Qantas 707 airliner aloft. Pretty cool, uh?

The neighborhood is off this non-descript, country two-lane road. As you would imagine, you can’t really see his house from the road. Although it is relatively close, but hidden by trees. But if you are tooling down this road one day and see this sign, you are there.

007And I did get a slight glimpse of his airliner’s tail through the trees.

travolta tail

…which you can see in this pic of him taking from LAX.

travola planAnd I got this picture of one of his neighbors. No kidding. This was only one of about 7 similar trucks I saw around there, letting their thoughts and values be clearly known. Wow.

truckAnd then finally, posting about Mr. Travolta’s house gives me the opportunity to post this picture I took two years ago in the main plaza in Orvieto Italy. I knew it would come in handy one day.

Vini BarbarinaNow I’m headed to Palatka, Florida, where my great aunt lived and a my dad’s extended family, where my brother and I spent summers with Aunt Mable and where my parents are buried. Oh, and a very young Billy Graham preached his first sermon there at Bostwick Baptist Church, which still stands.

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