Little Trip to Mexico

In San Diego to speak at a conference this week and had some free time, so decided to go somewhere I’d never been before: Mexico. Drove down, right through the border check without a line, no waiting nor any stop and check. Just drove right through and easy to understand when you consider how honest I look.

I wanted to go down to Ensenda, a nice little coastal town, where my nephew was born. I took the back way through the country side. I really loved it. It was remarkable to me how definitively the “feel” changes immediately when you cross the border. The US and Mexico are very distinct, but I thought the two “feels” would transition slowly – blend – as you drove from one into the other. But that fence separates is indeed a significant divide. Two very different worlds, and all really based on two different ideas about economics and political policy. Ideas matter for how real people live and their well-being.

Here are some pics from the quick trip. (I usually take pictures of buildings and people, rather than “views” and touristy things. I find them much more interesting.)



Big ‘Ol 75-foot tall Jesus near Rosarita

011021019 024

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