Creating Provocative First Lines of Your Imaginary Novel

Leonid Pasternak's Throes of Creation

Leonid Pasternak’s Throes of Creation

I don’t know how many other folks do this, but I sometimes spend my free brain time thinking up creative and enticing first lines for short stories or novels.

Here are some that have come to mind in the past few days.

Sitting here in the dentist chair, his hands all up in my mouth, wondering how the kids talked me into such a mess.

This particular morning was colder than any I can remember. But remember that I don’t remember so well ever since the incident.

The grocery clerk was checking me out with obvious intention. And I don’t mean scanning my packages.

The man was droning on about the stomach problems he’d suffered on his recent vacation, which made me miss my father’s call. Dad died unexpectedly later that evening.

The teacher scratched her chalk across the board as if she’d both gone to bed and woke up on its wrong side. Perhaps she had.

He was running for public office, the kind of man hard pressed to get his mother to cast a vote his way. Perhaps that was his most attractive quality.

Sometimes I get scared.  This time was not one of them.

The apples were just coming in. But not in the way she expected.

It’s fun. Give it a shot and share some of your own…

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