The Super Fab Four – The Kinks

PM3062314Those who know me know I tend to take the road less traveled. In that spirit, I want to finally declare my allegiance to a provocative and controversial thesis. When it comes to early 60s, pop-rock, British bands with four mop tops lads sporting cool unnies, its not the Beatles who rule, but The Kinks. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to consider seven core points.

First. They rocked harder and earlier.

Two. They didn’t think they were all that.

Three. Two brothers started the band.

Four. They stayed together longer, making influential music longer.

Five: They didn’t do silly movies.

Six: They didn’t have John.

Seven. Frontman Ray Davies chased down two muggers in NOLA, earning him a gsw to the thigh.

Hate me, but that’s my take.

BONUS: Here is a wonderful performance by Ray at the 2010 Glastonbury Fest singing a humble salute and tender remembrance to all those who gave them such a rich history and amazing experience as a band.  Beautiful, soulful, emotional performance.


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1 Response to The Super Fab Four – The Kinks

  1. nightrite says:

    Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls.
    It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world,
    Except for Lola. Lo lo lo lo Lola.

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