Why Your Beliefs About Homosexuality Don’t Kill People

kills-gay-youthIt is deeply concerning that health measures are significantly lower and suicide attempts higher among LGB people, but it is also concerning that people who cannot celebrate homosexuality are said to cause these things. If I had a nickle for every time I’ve been told with great anger that I (me, myself) am responsible for such tragedies…

Here’s an article I have at the Federalist showing there is no objective connection between the two in the current research literature. In fact, much of the research shows it’s simply not true.

It’s a story that needs telling.

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6 Responses to Why Your Beliefs About Homosexuality Don’t Kill People

  1. Of course you don’t like it pointed out that our deaths are your fault. It is worse, though, for us, who are doing the dying, than for you doing the condemning. People like you give the impression that there is something wrong with being LGBT, causing unjustified shame internalised from childhood. Why don’t you just stop?

  2. Daryl Cornett says:

    As a pastor I have had this charged leveled at me numerous times simply because I preach, teach and advocate a traditional, biblical view of sexuality and marriage. Thank you for doing the work of showing that this broad claim isn’t really substantiated, but merely a notion. To say that LGBT youth experience a greater angst and have higher suicide rates is one thing, to blame it on the non-affirming stance of others is an easy and convenient answer. There could be many reasons for this. Thanks for your faithful work Glenn.

  3. dave94015 says:

    Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    Is it true that GLBT people living in “homophobic” communities will have shorter lifespans (by 12 yrs.)?

  4. dave94015 says:

    Scientific theories must be retested frequently before they are accepted by the majority of scientists in the field. The conclusions of this study could not be replicated by the data.

    Does the failure to replicate the contention of this study debunk the myth (of 12 yr. shorter lifespan)? Maybe not. It is possible that future research might affirm what appears to be conventional wisdom but we’ll have to wait and see.

    There is anecdotal evidence of teen suicides and substance abuse due to intolerance along GLBT lifestyle differences – even in my town (SF) which seemingly has a considerable tolerance. From a therapy standpoint it is worth considering (and applying appropriate counseling) even if there is still no solid scientific proof.

    The people of California have decided it is better to treat people who present themselves with suicidal tendencies and/or substance abuse rather than to dismiss them – even if there is no substantial proof.

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