Why Are So Many Lesbians Getting Pregnant?

It makes for an illogical syllogism.

          Premise A: Lesbians are sexually attracted to women only.

          Premise B: Women cannot impregnate women.

          Conclusion: Lesbians have higher pregnancy rates than non-lesbians.

It’s contrary to all reason, but it’s true. Lesbians have significantly higher pregnancy rates than their heterosexual peers. It’s also true for teen gay males. They are substantially more likely to impregnate their sexual partners than are heterosexual males.

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3 Responses to Why Are So Many Lesbians Getting Pregnant?

  1. Pedro says:

    Hi Dr. Stanton, I just read your article on Public Discourse and it got me wondering about a few possible causes. This is all very exploratory, and I am not a scholar, so I’m just giving ideas in case somebody finds them suggestive enough to investigate them, or already has some data they can probe for these effects.

    The first is to what extent can these be intended pregnancies for themselves or for friends? So, could we be seeing a surge of “gay marriage is now ok, let’s go and make families like straight people do”, or even “we’re gay, we want kids, let’s ask a lesbian friend to carry the baby for us”? I don’t think these cases will (often) apply to teenagers, but maybe to older people.

    The second one is more psychological. If a teenage woman in our culture often thinks of pregnancy (perhaps mostly from the angle of how to avoid it), could it be that lesbians don’t see themselves as mothers in the same way, or to the same extent, so that when they slip into casual sex with a man they don’t feel the risks in the same manner, and thus use less contraception?

    As I said, I’m just wondering, these are mere hypothesis. Do you happen to have an opinion on this, or better, some data? Thanks!

  2. Julia says:

    “Could it be possible that being lesbian or gay is not quite as absolute or fixed as gender theorists want us to believe?” – Bro, did you even read the article you linked to? Which delve into the suggested reasons why higher rates of teen pregnancy among lgbtq teens exist? Don’t misuse statistics for your own agenda.

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