Is the Bible Cool with Same-Sex Marriage?

A few weeks ago, a church in SoCal hosted a very thoughtful, cordial and substantive discussion between Matthew Vines and Sean McDowell on whether the Bible allows for same-sex relationships and marriage. I consider both of these men to be friends and I think this is singularly good exchange on the topic. Of course, coming from where I come from, I think Sean did a masterful job of addressing the primary issues.

I would recommend skipping to 33:29 and pick up Matthew’s opening talk. (Sean handles the bulk of what he said in the Q&A with deft.) If pressed for time, go straight to the Q&A (at 56:45) as that is the most substantive part of the conversation and largely what is handled in opening comments is considered there with rich substance.

Enjoy and share with friends regardless of where you stand on the issue.

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2 Responses to Is the Bible Cool with Same-Sex Marriage?

  1. Patrick York says:

    I had a question regarding your article HELPING KIDS RECOGNIZE THE MYTHS IN TRANSGENDERISM, MARCH 8, 2019, found on Could transgenderism and bisexualism be interchangeable in your article? We have a 13 year old daughter that thinks she is bisexual and we are looking for resources to help us approach this. Thank you.

    • It is increasingly common for girls your daughter’s age to say they identify as “bisexual.” That tends to be more of a function of political and ideological identity than sexuality per se. Of course, I don’t know that is true with your daughter, but that is an important angle to be aware of. Here is an article I wrote late last year on how all these categories are shifting to as actually mean things quite different than we assume they do.

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