Black Portland Police Officer Shocked at Racist Things Said to Him by BLM Protestors

Officer Jakhary Jackson

A black Portland police officer sat down for an interview to share his experiences covering Black Lives Matter protests every evening in Portland for the past few months. He has some very strong feelings about what he has been seeing there.

Officer Jakhary Jackson is a nine-year veteran of the Portland Bureau of Police. He grew up in the neighborhoods where the protests have been happening and has extended family there.

He doesn’t seem to care for what he has been seeing night after night from BLM protestors. He says it’s largely been privileged white kids who know nothing about his people, their struggles and their community coming to neighborhoods that are not theirs to burn stuff, break things, cause trouble, incite violence and tell the black people there what they should do. His word for it: “Disgusting.”

You can read a summary of his interview and view it in full here.

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