Invite Glenn to Speak

Glenn is a popular speaker for a wide variety of groups and actually enjoys speaking more than writing because it provides a closer connection and interaction with the audience.

He enjoys speaking to both secular and Christian campuses on issues related to faith, culture, sexuality, family and gender.

He also spends much of his year speaking to congregations on similar topics, with a deep passion for helping God’s people gain a smarter and more practical understanding of how various family and cultural  issues and our Christian faith intersect.

Some of his more popular topics are:

  • Raising Secure Daughters and Confident Sons: How Parents Create Good Men and Women from Little Boys an
    d Girls and Why it Matters
    (A Church-wide parenting conference based on his 2011 book)
  • Help for Parents in Explaining the Truths and Myths of the Politics and Nature of Transgenderism
  • How to Love Your LGBT Neighbor in Genuine Grace and Truth (from my popular book on the topic.)
  • Is Cohabitation A Good Idea? Not According to the Best Research? (from my recent book on the topic)
  • Is the Human Body Bad?
  • Seeing the Beauty of the Gospel Through the Historic Art of the Church
  • Can Christians Have a Theology of Sexuality?
  • Is Christianity Anti-Woman?

Please consult <>for scheduling arrangements.

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