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The Super Fab Four – The Kinks

Those who know me know I tend to take the road less traveled. In that spirit, I want to finally declare my allegiance to a provocative and controversial thesis. When it comes to early 60s, pop-rock, British bands with four … Continue reading

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My Five Favorite Lesser-Appreciated Dylan Albums

Being a considerable and long-time Dylan fan, people will ask my favorite Dylan songs and albums. Those are hard to pick, as they are far too many. Dylan’s body of work is like an iceberg. What’s above the water, what … Continue reading

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Dylan Nails It Again…

Let’s get this straight. I don’t really care what you think about Dylan… unless you have a sober and proper view of how he’s as creatively strong as he’s ever been. And a good argument could be made that since … Continue reading

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Future Islands – There is Indeed Something New Under the Sun

I’m on proper jag from a new band that had a meteoric 2014. From Greenville, NC, they are like nothing out there or anything that ever was. There is no present answer to the question: “Well, who are they like?” … Continue reading

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