Talks Online

Introduction of a talk I gave at a very beautiful seminary north of Chicago on an important theological work developed by Pope John Paul II on what it means to be human, in a gendered body and sexual: Theology of the Body: A Protestant Perspective


Participation in a distinguished panel at the National Constitution Center in Philly on the future of same-sex marriage.

Not exactly a talk, but a nice television story that the Christian Broadcasting Network did on my friendship and same-sex marriage debates that I have been doing around the country with Dr. John Corvino.

Snippets of Glenn talking about parents directing their children in gender-healthy ways on

Clip from my second appearance on Dr. Phil with a very interesting mom on the issue of gender identity disorder.

Presentation of the top 10 questions and answers about same-sex parenting and marriage. This presentation, Why Not Gay Marriage, is also available from Focus on the Family.

Presentation on my book, Marriage on Trial for C-SPAN  Book-TV

SSM Debate at University  of Minnesota w/ Glenn  T. Stanton and Law Professor Dale Carpenter. Sponsored by Maclaurin Institute.

SSM debate at University of Wisconsin, Madison w/ Glenn T. Stanton and Evan Wolfson. The sections where I was enthusiastically boo’d and hissed at have been edited out by the folks who posted this audio. Question to ponder: If a group of liberals act uncivilly , but if there’s no one to hear it on the edited audio, does it make a sound? Apparently not.


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