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Research on Playground Songs…

One of the most interesting things I find in doing research as a profession is discovering how serious scholars really do very in depth research on seemingly very non-academic things. When writing my first book, Why Marriage Matters, I was … Continue reading

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Evangelicals for Marriage Re-definition

A small group of evangelicals have recently founded a curious organization, Evangelicals for Marriage Equality. I will have the pleasure (sincerely) of getting together with their leading spokesperson this week at an important conference on evangelicalism and sexual ethics. In … Continue reading

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Houston, We Have a Problem

I have long thought that one of the most vulnerable parts of the LGBT movement is its proclivity to over-reach in their political and rhetorical work. There have been many concerning examples of this over the years and it makes … Continue reading

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Pot Improves Your Marriage

Ok, here’s a fun one. A new study from the University of Buffalo School of Public Health tells us that the more a couple smokes pot together the less likely ¬†they are to be violent with each other. So, let’s … Continue reading

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